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Mr. Ravi Sachdeva
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Head of the department,
Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech in CSE is one of the most popular undergraduate degree programme which has been designed to equip students with broad-based computer science skills and technical knowledge relevant to the IT industry. B.Tech in CSE programme mainly emphasizes on preparing students with solid ground work in hardware and basic computing. The final year involves a large project in any area of computer science that the student is interested in. The key feature of B.Tech in CSE programme is the flexibility it offers by allowing students to choose their area of specialization. Armed with this degree, bachelor of CSE can successfully pursue their career as Systems Analysts, Operations Managers, Database Administrators, Analyst Programmers or even Data Communication Specialists.

Computer engineers usually have training in electronic, software design and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. The field of computer science and engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture. Usual tasks involving computer engineers include writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing VLSI chips, designing analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards, and designing operating systems. Computer science & engineering programme are also suited for robotics research, which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems like motors, communications, and sensors.

Some advantages of getting B.Tech in CSE degree is that it can improve your logical reasoning as you may have to argue about which is best or flaws created in programs and hardware. It can also improve your ability to analyze patterns and flaws as well as improving your coordination as you handle installing hardware and creating software. In some cases your social skills also will improve as you socialize with clients online or personally. Working in teams of computer engineers will help your social skills improve as you socialize with each other on flaws and upgrades and sometimes may have to cooperate to create the best program.

The programme of B.Tech in CSE features the theory of computation, analysis of algorithms, formal methods, concurrency theory, databases, computer graphics and systems analysis, among others. The programme also emphasizes the practice of advanced programming. At APIIT B.Tech in CSE programme tend to focus on those skills that are important to workers entering the software industry.


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