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Research Programs: Research and Publication at APIIT College of Engineering

Technia (ISSN0974-3375)

International Journal of Computing Science & Communication Technologies (IJCSCT), TECHNIA is a half year Journal, duly registered with the office of the Registrar of newspapers of India, under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India, which is published by APIIT College of Engineering, Panipat to promote research & development among students & staffs. IJCST is dedicated for publication of refereed papers on the latest developments on the algorithms, theory, concepts and computational methods, as well as modeling technology for optimization, development of new products, and applications of interest in computer science. It also includes the subject areas like Electronics Engineering and Communication Technologies. Papers containing both theoretical aspects and carefully designed computational experiments and case studies are welcome. IJCSCT puts certain emphasis on the intersection of various fields:

Analysis of Algorithms:

It is concerned with accurate estimates of complexity parameters of algorithms and aims at predicting the behavior of a given algorithm runs in a given system. It develops general methodologies for obtaining a closed-form of simulated results, asymptotic estimates for combinatorial or probabilistic quantities, which are of interest in the optimization of algorithms. Interest is also placed on the methods of Combinatorial and statistical properties of discrete structures, which is relevant to the design of efficient algorithms to solve a general and specific problem.

Automata, Formal languages, Logic, Semantics, Concurrency, and Type Theory:

This section of IJCSCT is devoted to publishing original research from several domains covered by the following list of keywords: Automata Theory & its Complexity, Automatic Program Verification, Coding Theory, Concurrency, Data Bases, Formal Languages, Functional Programming Logic in Computer Science, Logic Programming, Program Specification, Rewriting, Semantics of Programming Languages, Theorem Proving etc.

Distributed Computing and Networking:

This area of IJCSCT also concerns the theoretical foundations of distributed/ parallel computing, data communication and computer networks. We aim to publish high quality scientific papers dealing with questions of modeling, design and analysis of applications,platforms and algorithms in that domain. Topics include but are not limited to: Foundations of Computer Security, Computer Networks, Foundations of High-performance Computing, Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing, Adhoc & Sensor Networks etc.

Software engineering, Operating systems, DBMS and their applications:

This section of IJCSCT is devoted to publishing original research from several domains covered by the following list of keywords: Software Engineering, Database Theory, Data Structures, Model Checking and Computer-Aided Verification, Operating Systems, DNA computing, Computational Biology and Bio-informatics etc.

Electronics & Communication Engineering:

This section of IJCSCT is devoted to publishing original research from several domains covered by the following list of keywords: Digital Signal Processing, Fuzzy Logic, Image Processing & Computer Vision, Information Theory, Mobile & Wireless communications,Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition & analysis, Real Time System, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics and Engineering, Advanced Microprocessors and Nanotechnology etc.


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