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Get Master Degree of MBA in IT: Study MBA in Information Technology 

The phenomenal growth in the IT industry in the last decade leads the entrance of MBA in Information technology or IT Industry. MBA in Information technology is the program which has grown popular within no time. The specialisation of MBA in Information technology management involves the technical knowledge and management skills.

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MBA in IT at APIIT is specifically designed to provide:

  • An opportunity to develop knowledge and skills as a business manager in the Information Technology sector.
  • A platform to improve effectiveness in any present and future management roles.
  • Developing capabilities in integration of knowledge, skills and personal qualities, which are applied appropriately in response to various circumstances.
MBA in IT is designed for professionals in all IT Sectors, whether as a manager or intending to manage in the IT Sector. The Information Technology Sector covers a wide range of companies including vendors, software developers, hardware manufacturers, IT consultants and IT services, such as internet/web design, operational services as well as traditional user support. Applicants may see their current role evolving from technology support to business applications with more responsibility for business planning/strategy.
The management programme of MBA in IT identifies the need for 'soft skills' at higher levels, including:
  • Management, interpersonal and commercial awareness/market knowledge.
  • Sales and marketing (particularly amongst programmers, internet professionals and database staff).
  • Finance and accounting skills.
  • Customer handling skills.
  • Team working and networking and problem solving.

On successful completion of MBA in IT programme, you will be able to :

  • Demonstrate an ability to understand and critically evaluate the main business functions of Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Operations Management and Strategy, within the context of the IT environment within which business operates.
  • Objectively analyse and synthesise integrative responses to complex problems, issues, research outcomes and opportunities within business organizations.
  • Generate innovative and enterprising solutions and applications of knowledge which informs judgements, develop ideas and proposes business solutions.
  • Act autonomously in planning and implementing action through the negotiation of outcomes and deadlines.
  • Identify tasks, organise resources and make effective use of management skills including the ability to respond to and manage change.
  • Work effectively with others, accepting responsibility in a variety of roles.
  • Contextualise and analyse contemporary developments and research in the field of business, generating new data where necessary.

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