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Textile Industries Exhibition Visit


The students of APIIT SD INDIA preferably got a great opportunity to visit the Textile Industry Exhibition setup near the Sec. 25 of Panipat, Haryana on 19th March 2016. An Informative and an overwhelming experience for the students of the college.

All the amenities and the Industrial setup were really clean and properly ventilated. The students followed by the faculty member Mr. Harpal Singh Kalra also joined the students on their tour. There were a huge variety of industrial products and machinery required for the manufacturing and distributing of textile related products, from pneumatics to big Numerical Controlling Machines which were able to knit at a phenomenal rate. Students also got to know about various machining tools that were being used in various machines like screw compressors, printing stuff and much more. The students also encountered the whole technique to harness the solar power using the Solar Panels (polycrystalline).

On entering the exhibition the first glance was on the washing techniques and machinery used in washing, drying and ironing the cloth material at mass scale then came the Laser Printing Technique where a beam of approximately tiny width was being used in order to print designs on materials such as leather, cardboard, wood and even metal surfaces.

Moving further, the students saw the Knitting machine that was based on the principle of NC machines and was able to collaborate the various threads from the N number of urns that were being used as the subunits for the mechanism and roll on a cloth out of it. This machine was quite big and also the students found it quite fascinating too. Moving on there were various printing machines that were seen printing numerous designs on a variety of cloth material being used. Specific ink is used for a specific material only. Moreover, Sewing machines building a cloth with a “mickey mouse” face pattern over it were also seen. Now visiting the best part of the exhibition, although it may not be considered of so much importance as compared to the huge machinery being used inside the industry, The Pneumatics, these tools are used in textile industry to clean and remove the unnecessary dust/dirt that attaches to the cloth piece. The Pneumatic has also one of its use in Sports. In golf when players are through with their game, they generally have an appreciative amount of grass and dirt within the grooves of their shoes, and this is removed with the help of pneumatic. Moving on, the students also saw the solar panels and the various artifacts that were finished goods, being displayed by companies in the exhibition. Lastly a small stall being displayed by a company which was into Printing of design on cloth showed their kind gesture by providing the student of APIIT with a printed cushion cloth. With this the tour for the textile exhibition came to an end.

After this really Informative and a unique experience of the students there was finally time for some fun doing. The students with Mr. Harpal had a casual time at the Mittal mall, where activities like playing snooker, window shopping and eating stuff became kind of fun for all.

With this, the day came to an end and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their share of enthusiasm, joy and knowledge.