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MBA Datesheet


Time of Examination : 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. (MORNING SESSION)


DATE                    SUBJECT & PAPER

                                I Semester

21-Nov-2016        Paper-CP-101: Principles & Practices of Management (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

21-Nov-2016        Paper-CP-101: Principles & Practices of Management (2012-13 onwards)

25-Nov-2016        Paper-CP-102: Business Statistics (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

25-Nov-2016        Paper-CP-102: Business Statistics (2012-13 onwards)

28-Nov-2016        Paper-CP-103: Managerial Economics (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

28-Nov-2016        Paper-CP-103: Managerial Economics (2012-13 onwards)

2-Dec-2016           Paper-CP-104: Business Environment (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

2-Dec-2016           Paper-CP-104: Business Environment (2012-13 onwards)

5-Dec-2016           Paper-CP-105: Business Communication (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

5-Dec-2016           Paper-CP-105: Business Communication (2012-13 onwards)

12-Dec-2016        Paper-CP-106: Financial Accounting (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

12-Dec-2016        Paper-CP-106: Financial Accounting (2012-13 onwards)

14-Dec-2016        Paper-CP-107: Fundamentals of Computer & E-Commerce (wef 2016-17 CBCS Scheme)

14-Dec-2016        Paper-CP-107: Fundamentals of Computer & E-Commerce (2012-13 onwards)



Time of Examination: 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. (MORNING SESSION)

DATE                     SUBJECT & PAPER

                                III Semester

22-Nov-2016          Paper-ITM-301:Internet & Web Designing (New 2013-14 onwards)

22-Nov-2016          Paper-POM-301: Purchasing and Material Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

23-Nov-2016          Paper-ITM-304: Software Designing (New 2013-14 onwards)

23-Nov-2016          Paper-POM-304: Logistics Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

24-Nov-2016          Paper-ITM-302: Relational Data Base Management System (New 2013-14 onwards)

24-Nov-2016          Paper-POM-302: Total Quality Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

26-Nov-2016          Paper-CP-301: Strategic Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

29-Nov-2016          Paper-CP-302: Business Legislation (New 2013-14 onwards)

30-Nov-2016          Paper-ITM-306: Management Support Systems (New 2013-14 onwards)

30-Nov-2016          Paper-POM-306: Technology Acquisition and Diffusion (New 2013-14 onwards)

1-Dec-2016             Paper-MM-301: Advertising Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

3-Dec-2016             Paper-HRM-301: Management of Industrial Relations (New 2013-14 onwards)

7-Dec-2016             Paper-ITM-305: System Analysis and Design (New 2013-14 onwards)

7-Dec-2016             Paper-POM-305: Service Operations Research (New 2013-14 onwards)

8-Dec-2016             Paper-POM-303: Production Planing and Control (New 2013-14 onwards)

9-Dec-2016             Paper-IB-301: International Accounting (New 2013-14 onwards)

10-Dec-2016           Paper-IB-302: Foreign Exchange Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

12-Dec-2016           Paper-MM-302: Sales and Distribution Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

14-Dec-2016           Paper-HRM-302: Legal Framework Governing Human Relations (New 2013-14 onwards)

15-Dec-2016           Paper-FM-302: Foreign Exchange Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

16-Dec-2016           Paper-FM-303: Risk Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

17-Dec-2016           Paper-IB-304: India‚Äôs Foreign Trade & Policy (New 2013-14 onwards)

19-Dec-2016           Paper-HRM-303: Managing Interpersonal and Group Process (New 2013-14 onwards)

20-Dec-2016           Paper-IB-303: Export Import Procedure & Documentation (New 2013-14 onwards)

21-Dec-2016           Paper-FM-304: Working Capital Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

22-Dec-2016           Paper-MM-304: Consumer Behaviour (New 2013-14 onwards)

23-Dec-2016           Paper-HRM-304: Organizational Change Intervention Strategies (New 2013-14 onwards)

24-Dec-2016           Paper-MM-303: Brand Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

27-Dec-2016           Paper-FM-305: Management of Financial Institutions (New 2013-14 onwards)

28-Dec-2016           Paper-MM-305: Retail Marketing (New 2013-14 onwards)

29-Dec-2016           Paper-HRM-305: Man Power Development for Technological Change (New 2013-14 onwards)

30-Dec-2016           Paper-IB-305: International Business Environment (New 2013-14 onwards)

31-Dec-2016           Paper-FM-306: Security Analysis and Investment Management (New 2013-14 onwards)


Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. to 05.00 P.M. (EVENING SESSION)


2-Jan-2017             Paper-MM-306: Marketing Research (New 2013-14 onwards)

3-Jan-2017             Paper-HRM-306: Global Human Resource Management (New 2013-14 onwards)

4-Jan-2017             Paper-IB-306: International Logistics (New 2013-14 onwards)

5-Jan-2017             Paper-FM-301: Financial Decision Analysis (New 2013-14 onwards)