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APIIT heartily congratulates the students selected by ICICI BANK

APIIT SD India congratulates the students who got finally selected after the Personal Interview & HR interview in the Joint Campus Drive by ICICI Bank held on 27th May, 2016 at APIIT SD INDIA Panipat. It finally paid to our capable scholars too, who worked hard to prove that they can use there excellent academic qualifications and capabilities in the practical life too. A heartiest congratulations to the all of the following students and best wishes for their future.

S.No.   Name S.No. Name S.No. Name
1.  Shikhar Tuteja 7. Abhinav 13. Nandita
2. Akash chawla 8. Abhinandan Rai 14. Bhanu Kumar
3. Vikas Maan 9. Geetu 15. Piyush Chawla
4. Abhishek Jain
10. Mukesh Duhan 16. Jyoti
5. Mukesh Kumar
11. Shubham Sharma 17. Heena Sachdeva
6. Amit Kumar
12. Rajat Rana