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Mechatronics Engineering Degree LabMechatronics is a field of engineering that combines mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering for designing mechanical devices like washing machines, automated robotic assembly lines, cameras, laser printers and photocopiers. The course focuses primarily on developing novel products based on mechatronic principles and learn about electronic and mechanical systems, process control and instrumentation, and robotics and automated manufacturing. Opportunities after Mechantronics engineering are limitless. You can find opportunities primarily in electronics industry. You can also work in fields like automobile, manufacturing, gas and oil, mining, transport, defense, robotics, aerospace and aviation. As the person having a Mechatronics engineering degree will be a flexible team-worker who is able to trouble shoot, solve problems and keep in touch with current developments. Many of today's consumer products incorporate mechanical devices which are controlled by microelectronic systems. The modern motor car includes an engine management system, anti-lock braking and ignition, all of which requires a microcomputer to be interfaced with the mechanical 'system'. Modern industrial systems in the manufacturing sector use microelectronic devices extensively for control, measurement and information Every one of us aspires to work with Government organizations, but getting in is real tough task. So for those young aspirants, Mechatronics engineering degree is first step fulfillment of the selection procedure of highly reputed organizations like the Army, the Navy and the Air force and even other recognized organisations like the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).


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